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Link building and link management are two of the main legs that will support your SEO campaign.  Without a solid foundation of incoming links to your site, your internet marketing campaign will have a tough time producing the results you desire.  Proper link building gives you the building blocks you need in order to take full advantage of other aspects of your search engine optimization.

One of the most important aspects of any link building campaign is to ensure the quality of the links pointing to your site.  Poor quality links won't produce the results you want, and participating in a link farm type of scheme could even get your site blacklisted in the Google search results.

So how do you go about link building in a proper manner?  A quick and easy start is directory links.  There are many directories that don't require reciprocal links and which are also free to submit to.  Sign up for our free SEO newsletter, we will include a review and link to a new directory with every issue that is free to submit to.

Another way to get more incoming links is to search out other sites that compliment yours.  You can offer a reciprocal link, or offer something on your site that would benefit the users of the site linking to you.  If you provide something of value, you can use that in your link building to generate good quality links.  Some examples of what we have offered on sites to help in link building includes mortgage calculators, a cheap gas finder and a nifty little tool that compares the higher cost of a home to the cost of commuting from a lower priced home out of the area.  All of these tools offer value to the users of a site, and help to entice new incoming links.

The best advice on link building is to always have a link building campaign running.  If you are doing your own internet marketing, a few links a week will eventually add up over time.  Another avenue to explore is using a submission service for directory links.  These are typically pretty inexpensive, and an excellent value when you consider that it takes about five minutes to submit to a link directory.  Whether you use a submission service, SEO firm or do it yourself, keep building those links!

Take a look at our in-depth link building pages above.  We go into detail on deep link directories, proper use of anchor text and other link building ideas.