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Link building, as everyone knows, is the key to ranking well when optimizing your sites.  Link building services are services that do just that, help you build links.  These services can come in a number of flavors, from blog networks, to text link brokers to automatic link placements and more.  The problem is that finding good link building services can be difficult at best, and that is why we have put together a list of top link building services. 

Low Cost Links - 4,800 links to your site for only $87!  This is the most cost efficient, mass link building offer we have found, plus it works.

Auto Text Links  - This is a great service, with a wonderful interface.  With access to thousands of sites in almost every niche, you can choose exactly what sites you want your links on, where you want them (content links, blogroll links, homepage links, etc.) and what anchor text you want.  This service is very user friendly, and cost efficient.  The cost is about $1 per link built.  Even better, right now they are offering 25 free links just to try their service.

Professional Link Building Solution  - This link building service is an automated service that will build up to a thousand links per month.  They will not build a thousand links to a single site, however, so you need to have multiple sites you want to promote to take full advantage of this service.  This is really a professional grade link building service, although the price point is very attractive.  For a little over $100/month, you get an automated link building machine.  Choose your keywords, rotate them, track performance and more. 

Budget Blog Networking Links  - This is another blog network type of link building service.  Run by one of the top names in the business, and very well priced, it is well worth looking into.  For the cost, this service seems to give an excellent value.  There is some labor involved, as you either have to write content pieces or outsource them, but this solution is priced at a point that should make it affordable to anyone serious about SEO.

30 Links  - This is perhaps the most attractively priced link package.  This is a do it yourself package, but you can build links to an unlimited number of sites each month.  Every month, you get a new package of 30 sites, all high page rank sites, with instructions on how to build links to them.  Priced at only $5/month, this is very budget friendly, plus the service works.

Blog Networking Links  - This service is the most expensive of all the services we are looking at, but it is a high quality service.  You post short content pieces with your links embedded in them to a large network of blogs.  This is a great way to build links, as your link contains the anchor text you choose, plus it is found within content directly related to your site.  As an additional service, these guys will write your content pieces for you and automatically post them all.  Right now they are offering a 5 day trial for $5, good service, but a little expensive for full membership.

Outsource It  - Another option is to outsource your link building.  There are many outsourcing solutions, but these guys really impressed me with the sheer number of bids on my link building project.  In addition, you can find content writers, all in one SEO specialists, web designers and more.  If you have more money than time, outsourcing as much as you can is a great way to leverage yourself.


We have used all of these services, have discussed them with other SEO experts, have heard what others have to say about them on various forums and feedback polls and/or are affiliated with them.  We hope this list of link building services has helped you, good luck!