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A link exchange program can truly be a benefit to all involved.  Everyone knows that links are king when optimizing a website, but what not everyone knows is that joining a bad link exchange program could actually harm your SEO campaign.

There are a number of link exchanges out there, reciprocal link exchange, social bookmarking exchange, three way link exchange, automated link exchange and more.  To find a good link exchange program, however, takes a bit more digging.

When looking for a link exchange program, one of the most important things you should be looking for is the capability of your links to be true one-off links.  Reciprocal link exchange programs do not fit this criteria as every site that links to  you, you also link back to.

A valuable link exchange program is going to allow your site to gain links without linking back to the sites that link to you.

Another thing you want to consider when looking for a link exchange program is the ability to use multiple sites and choose the links that are right for you.  Automated link exchange programs do not offer this flexibility. 

A great link exchange you may want to consider is offered as part of SEOTacklebox's internet marketing tools.  The link exchange program offered here is one of the best programs we have looked at.  It is a private exchange, so the quality of sites and people involved is kept high.

Check back with us, we are looking at another link exchange program now to review that seems to have a lot of merit.  Good luck!