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Content is the foundation of your web site.  Not only does it need to be structured in a search engine friendly manner, but it also must offer your visitors value and be easy to navigate.  It does not matter how much traffic your site generates if your visitors don't get what they want.  In this section, we are going to look at content management.  This includes the content of your site, how to do proper meta tag analysis and looking at keyword density.

Part of your solid foundation of content is originality.  Bring something useful to your web site.  Don't copy someone else's work.  Not only is that plagiarism, but it is also frowned upon by the search engines.  Copying content produces duplicate content.  The search engines do not like duplicate content.  By having multiple sites in their search results with the same content, they are not bringing as much value to their end users, the people searching, as if they offered a variety of results.  With the huge competition among the search providers today, making their product the best on the market is paramount.  If you are not a good writer, hire a copywriter to write original content for you. 

Another part of proper content management that we can touch on here is end user visibility.  Make sure your content is displayed in a manner that is easy to read and happy on the eyes.  The use of white space is something you will notice many professional web sites taking advantage of.  White space gives readers a comfort level that translates to more of your text getting read.  Browse around the web, and take note of what pages you take the time to read, and what pages you click on and leave quickly.  If the text is jumbled with odd colors and backgrounds, people are more apt to move on.  Make your text appear clean, easy to read, and make sure to take advantage of white space.

In addition to the original content and making that content pleasing on the eyes, it is very important to have a solid game plan when putting together a web site.  Take a look at our web site design link, as this goes hand in hand with content management.  It is very important to know what kind of site you want to create, and to put together a blueprint for that site, a roadmap per say.  We will go into more detail on proper planning in our web site design section, but proper planning will also guide you in putting together your content.  We suggest planning your web site design completely before beginning your content management.  If you do it the other way around, you will either need to change your content down the line, or you will have a site that is not performing as well as it could be due to poor upfront planning.

In web site content management, you will also want to know the answer to the questions, what is keyword density, what are my keywords and why are those my keywords.  Proper meta tag analysis is also an important part to web site content management.  We will be exploring these two key ingredients in the near future, be sure to check back in.