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Use of the nofollow tag can really have an impact on your site's rankings.  Here we are going to go over the basics of utilizing this often overlooked tool.

Using the nofollow tag allow you to dictate where your page rank "juice" is directed.  Typical links on a page leak page rank from your linking page to the linked page.  This is true even when talking about internal pages of your website. 

When linking from your home page to an internal page, you are passing along some page rank.  The page rank your page passes is divided by the number of outgoing links from that page.  The more outgoing links, the less page rank to each link.

To increase the page rank that is leaked to your important pages, you can use the nofollow tag.  This tag does not stop Google from following the link, but it does prevent Google from passing page rank through that link.

By using the nofollow tag on pages of no importance to your marketing campaign, you can funnel the page rank your site passes internally to your income producing pages.


<a href="" rel="nofollow">contact us</a>

This is an example of how to tag a link with the nofollow tag.  You simply add rel="nofollow" to your link.

We would advise tagging a number of your links with this nofollow tag.  Some specific links to start with:

Links to your privacy policy, contact us page, shopping cart and any other pages that do not promote your product or information

Outgoing links to other sites, unless there is a reason you want to pass page rank to that page.  Link exchange type links, for example, you would not want to nofollow.

Do not use a nofollow link when linking to your site map resource page from your home page.  If your internal pages link to these two pages, do use the nofollow tag for these links on the internal pages.

Just by going through your site and applying the nofollow tag in this manner will improve your search engine rankings.  Start with your home page, then comb through your full site.  Give it a try, chances are you will be very pleasantly surprised!