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Web site design is terribly important, and is the first step in building a site that will both rank well in the search engines and also be user friendly and convert visitors to business for you. 

Don't cut corners when setting up a web site.  To build a house, you wouldn't grab some wood and nails and just start hammering, but that is exactly what many people do when building a web site.  To do the job properly, just like building a home, you need to have detailed plans, a blueprint for your final product.  You need to design your site, lay out your content, create the proper flow, structure, keywords, linking strategy and more.

If you omit this detailed planning phase, your site will suffer later.  Don't shortcut this, look at your competitors who rank well in the search engines.  That is your competition, and if they are ranked well, chances are they have a solid web site design with which to work.  You need to put together a better overall product than these competitors if you are to rank above them in the search results.  Every detail counts, and when taken as a whole, solid web site design plus effective website marketing will generate a good online presence.

Web site design is the first section of this site you take a look at.  Even if you have a site that is already up and running, going through the information in these pages will have you looking at your site with new eyes, and will generate some positive changes to your current web site design. 

In this section, we will be looking at how to design a website, taking you through the steps in the planning stage that are so important to success as your site grows.  We will be looking at proper keyword selection, how to find the keyword phrases that will bring you business that converts.  We will touch on the importance of a google site map, or .xml site map, and look at a few different web site hosting options.

Bookmark this page and check back in soon.  We are in the process of updating all of our resources, and will have new and improved resources in the near future.

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