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Anchor Text -
Proper Use of Anchor Text for Effective Link Building

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Anchor text may be one of the most important aspects of proper search engine optimization.  Anchor text refers to the clickable text in your link.  Your anchor text should reflect the exact keyword phrase you are looking to promote.  When the search engines come across links to your site, they look at a number of factors when determining how to assign a value to your site and that link.  They look at the site where the link is coming from, the content surrounding your link, and most importantly, the anchor text of that link. 

With a link from a very relevant web site with good page ranking, the anchor text is going to give your web site more votes in the poll that controls the search engine rankings.  The sites with the most votes are typically going to rank better than the sites with little or no votes.  When building your links, it is very important to have a solid game plan, and know what keyword phrases you are looking to control.  Once you have this game plan set up, make sure your incoming links use one of your targeted phrases when they link to you.  If your web site is ABC Widgets, and you want to promote the phrase "tall red widgets", your incoming links should not be anchored with your site name of ABC Widgets, but should be anchored with your target phrase, "tall red widgets". 

As you build your "tall red widgets" incoming links, you will notice an improvement in your ranking for that particular phrase.  This goes for your home page and your internal pages.  You don't need to limit each page to one target phrase, but I do recommend targeting less phrases for your internal pages than your home page.  For example, on this site I have a number of link directory or link submission pages.  Instead of targeting one internal page for many link related search phrases, I target many pages for relatively few search phrases.  This allows me to concentrate my link building campaign on specific phrases.  By doing this, all of the links I build to these pages are going to be very very targeted.  Instead of having 10 incoming links, each with a different anchor text phrase, I can build 10 incoming links with two anchor text phrases, giving me much more targeted links, which will translate into better rankings for my chosen phrases.

In addition to offsite anchor text building, it is also important to structure your web site with internal linking utilizing the anchor text game plan you have set up.  As you build links, your pages will gain page ranking.  That page ranking can bleed through to your internal pages, and using the same anchor text phrases will only further direct the search engines in what phrases you want to rank well for.  When setting your internal structure up, it is also beneficial to name your individual pages with the same text you are using in your link building campaign.  Every effort you make to concentrate on your chosen keyword phrases is going to pay dividends, and the sum of your efforts will translate into better search engine rankings.