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Deep Link Directory

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Deep linking is a term that refers to links that point to an internal page of your site as opposed to your home page.  Deep linking strategies are an important part of a successful search engine optimization campaign, and if you have not looked into deep link building, it would be a good idea to do so.

One reason deep links are important has to do with the way search engines value and see your site.  With links coming in directly to your internal pages, they will bring those pages additional authority.  For Google, this translates into higher page ranking.  With additional authority comes better rankings in the search engines.  As an added bonus, this authority will also pass through to your home page and other internal pages that your deep linked pages link to.  As you add links to your internal pages, deep linking, this cumulative authority will almost feed on itself, helping to push authority through your entire site.  This will improve your search engine rankings.

There are a number of different ways to get deep links.  We offer deep link directory services, and a large list of deep link directories.  If you are on a shoestring budget, or just want to do the web site optimization yourself, our list of deep link directories is a good place to get started.

Finding a directory of deep links, or a directory for deep links, is not incredibly difficult, but can be time consuming.  A good place to start is the social bookmarking sites.  You can bookmark the internal pages of your site for free, and can sign up for many different social bookmarking sites for deep linking.  In addition to being a good source as a directory for deep links, social bookmarking sites can also help drive direct traffic to your site, which is the end goal of optimizing your website.

In addition to the social bookmarking sites, there are a number of free, reciprocal and paid directories that offer deep link directory submissions.  Try searching around a bit on Google under various keywords such as directory of deep links, deep link directory, and other variations.  You can also sign up for our newsletter, where we review various directories in each issue that offer free link submissions

Finally, you can search out other websites that are similar to yours in nature, and offer to exchange links.  Usually, these sites do not care if they are linking to your main page or an internal page.  Try to target only sites that fit content wise with yours, you want to make sure that your page is going to offer the linking sites visitors useful information.  You don't want random links, you want links that are properly placed, offering valuable information for the targeted audience that you would expect on the linking site.

Be sure to check back in often, we will be reviewing a new directory for deep links on a regular basis, and offering the past deep link directories as a running list and resource for our visitors.

Deep Link Directory Review - Easy to submit to, limited number of categories, but they do have an "XYZ" catch all category.  Only offer submission information of your URL, with an email confirmation.

Here is a list of deep link directories.  All of these directories will take your deep links, links to your internal pages.  If you find a deep link directory on our list that does not accept deep links any longer, please contact us so we can remove it from the list.  Feel free to bookmark or link to this page, and check back in regularly, we add to our free deep link directory list regularly.

Deep Link Directories
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