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Website Optimization

We offer both full service website optimization and ala carte services.  Please email us to place your order.

Our full service website optimization will have results you can see in about 30-45 days.  Measurable results, rankings improving, internal pages getting ranked, etc.  Part of it depends on the competition over your keywords, but even for very tough keywords, we're getting rankings.

Full service optimization will give you about 300 links per month.  These links will be high quality links, and will target up to 20 keywords for your site.  We will work with you to choose the best keywords to target, and usually will target more than the contracted for 20.  This service is excellent, you will see results and you will be happy with those results.  For 20 keywords, it runs $995/month.

For our ala carte packages, we have linking services as follows:

Home page directories:

100 submissions - $16

250 submissions - $36

500 submissions - $68

900 submissions - $112


Deep link directories (interior pages):

100 submissions - $45

250 submissions - $95


Social bookmarking submissions:

100 submissions - $42


Blog postings (3 links in each blog post):

140 blog postings (420 links) - $75

280 blog postings (840 links) - $120

400 blog postings (1200 links) - $199

1200 blog postings (3600 links) - $495


Article submissions (2-3 links in the footer of each article):

50 article submissions - $30

100 article submissions - $50

250 article submissions - $99

500 article submissions - $149


Article submissions and blog submissions is one article submitted to x amount of sites.  We also offer article writing for the article submissions and blog submissions at a cost of $45/per article.  These articles will be well researched and written with a mind for search optimization.  They will be around 500-700 words.